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Custom Dresser Gallery

Some of the piece below were not originally commissioned as Dressers or Wardrobes but can be adapted to be used as such..

unique handmade dresser

Blue Glass Dresser

Art Dresser with stained glass

Console / Dresser

Wardrobe with many drawers

Tim's Wardrobe

Art Deco Dresser

Art Deco Dresser

quilted maple cherry burl dresser

Qulited Maple Cherry Burl Dresser

Large dresser with Frank Lloyd stained glass

Jean's  Dresser
with stained glass back

Carpathian Elm Burl Art Deco dresser

Elm Burl Art Deco Cabinet

birdseye art deco dresser

Birdseye Art Deco Dresser

Art Deco Vanity
Four drawer  large dresser

Maple and Cherry Dresser

Tall dresser

Tall Cabinet

Art Deco Vanity


Art Deco Birdseye Dresser

dresser storage cabinet

Sliding Door  Cabinet

Walnut Armoire

Wardrobe Timberframe

Zebrawood dresser bedroom furniture

Zebrawood Console Cabinet

Long dresser with doors
Mission corner dresser

Mission Wardrobe

Quilted Maple and Cherry Cabinet

Birdseye maple dresserBirdseye maple dresser

Birdseye Maple Dresser

quilt cabinet grR2163848

Quilted Maple Cabinet

Large Drawer Dresser

Deco Burl Dresser

Art Deco Wenge and Curly Maple Dresser

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Sept 2021

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