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Custom Furniture for the Dog...

Joel Liebman Furniture has always had the SHOP DOG. Blue has a soft bed to relax on and besides his regular biscuit breaks he also has his regular visitors bringing even more biscuits.
The piece featured on this page is an example of how Custom Furniture can also work for the family dog.
I was looking to build a new piece for my own kitchen in the same place where Blue eats. There was no other spot for the dog bowls in the room, So  I designed this hutch with an open bottom. Most hutches have drawers or doors at the bottom but for our household it
is open for Blue.
There are probably endless possibilities where people who want to create a better living environment for their pets could use something custom made considering the fact that you just can't find that piece already made in an aesthetic you like.
This piece is just one example of making things work for you and your dog.

Custom Dog feeding station
Custom Dog Furniture
Dog Furniture
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All pieces shown are available for "Custom" reproduction including

dimensions, choice of woods and even design.
Joel would be happy to work with you to design the exact piece you are looking for.

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March 2022

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